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Winter Blues

I have come to conclusion that our girls either have "winter blues" or are refusing to pay rent. I am a very well versed chicken owner. I have raised hens in norther Michigan in -30 degree weather and now in the PNW. Having as many hens that I do one would assume I would get at least a dozen a day even on very cold days. It has been almost two months and I haven't gotten a single egg.

This is where we put our magic farm hat on and wonder why they are doing this. While thinking about it I added a lot more protein to there diets. On colder days we give warm oatmeal with cream of corn. It is there favorite treat! Another option is to ensure there feed has the proper nutrients and protein as well. Trust, I did that too. However, a couple months ago my Ring motion started going off crazy while I was at work and low and behold some very violent dogs broke into one of our coops and ended up killing a couple of original hens that were very dear to heart.

My birds could be suffering from PTSD (I know, I know), or it is just winter and they have decided to soak up all the extra treats mom provides them.

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