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About the Jackson 6

The Jackson 6 Family Farm comes from our family of 6 (duh). My husband and I have four boys and once we returned to the PNW six years ago I found myself enjoying the farm life even more. We have always had the normal domestic family animals, dogs, cats, fish, etc. You name it we have probably had it minus reptiles. My fascination with chickens started a long time ago but it starts with getting ten and ends up to almost eighty now. We don't specialize in just one breed or even five. We have many! Seeing the difference in personalities is especially interesting. In the last couple years we have welcomed two goats, Breezy and Autumn. As well as we just saved a sheep named Woolley from the local auction. This last summer we hatched our first turkeys and have actually become attached to these very interesting characters. 
When COVID hit it was difficult mostly on my four boys because it took away from not only their school life but their ability to learn a lot of the basics. I decided to create an egg business and teach my children along the way. The importance of hard work, accomplishing goals, and helping one another. Since 2019 we have been growing our farm by the dozen each year. 


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